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M2M Blinds was established in January 2007 by Denny Bird, initially specializing in internal window blinds. They introduced innovative blind styles, like the Perfect Fit, which were previously unseen in Portugal. Later that year, they expanded their offerings to include mosquito screens, quickly earning the reputation as “The Algarve's number one choice.”

Over the years, the business has steadily grown, persevering through the recession that began in 2008 while maintaining a focus on achieving stability. M2M Blinds has progressively expanded its product range, now offering a diverse selection, including awnings, Glass Curtains, Carports, Pergolas, PVC Doors and Windows and finally Electric Radiators and Towel Rails.

Throughout our journey, we have been meticulous in selecting suppliers, ensuring that we source the correct products that meet our high standards and that we are proud to sell. This commitment to quality has been the foundation of our success.

With a strong foundation built on unique blind styles and continuous expansion, M2M Blinds has become a trusted name in the industry, delivering exceptional products and services to customers in the Algarve region and beyond.

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