Distribution windows and PVC Doors

KÖMMERLING, a pioneer in the production of plastics for the construction, started the mass production of profiles for windows in 1967 , using a formula revolutionary and own PVC.

The result: a perfect material which improved impact resistance, more durable and could easily adapt to any shape and decorative style. Thus was born in Pirmasens a new concept of windows and  doors  that today is all a reality. In this development without stop, play a vital role the qualified experts and professionals and strong investments that KÖMMERLING place in R & D annually , all in benefit of their products and customers.

KÖMMERLING in Portugal 

The KÖMMERLING in our country since 1982 , contributed greatly to the rapid development of the market of PVC windows in the Iberian Peninsula.Currently, the company has an extensive network of distributors of high professional qualification in Spain and Portugal, and with a broad representation of manufacturers of windows unique. A success that KÖMMERLING to repeat in Suramérica , where it is already present in the main markets . A success that will build a dynamic and ambitious future development plan.

Best PVC qualities can be enjoyed in a unique way with the systems to open the KÖMMERLING. With the different series of profiles can be made ​​doors and windows with all kinds of designs and colors, while those that achieve maximum benefits in insulation (thermal and acoustic) and durability. The traditional open system can be combined with Dump for fixing the sheet for ventilation without having to open it completely. KÖMMERLING currently has several open systems.


Enhance them with benefits KÖMMERLING profiles

The doors and windows manufactured with KÖMMERLING profile systems are leaders in benefits and meet all European quality regulations:

  • Thermal Insulation : PVC KÖMMERLING profiles are specially designed to consiguir the best isolation level achieving a great energy savings that can be seen in spending on heating and air conditioning. 

  • Acoustic Insulation : A good carpentry helps insulate the house and protect it against noise. With the proper profile and glass reduces considerably the outside noise. 

  • Tightness: Installing a quality system profiles KÖMMERLING can you that all parts encajen to perfection to achieve tight shut off to protect their home avoiding any filtración air or water. 

  • Resistance to the wind: The PVC is a material very hard nature, and thanks to exclusive updates made ​​by Kömmerling in its molecular formula, this was provided in its manufacturing phase of a high impact resistance.


  • Ventilation : Ventilation is essential to keep the air inside in aceitáveis.Além conditions that, with proper ventilation, could be avoided if possible condensation problems. 

  • Colors : There are several ways to introduce color in PVC profiles. The Kömmerling opted to do so through the veneer and Kolorten ® . 

  • GreenLine : KÖMMERLING resigned from the end of 2000 to all additive systems with lead and employs since only stabilizing calcium / zinc. With the clear name “greenline” its own brand gets its innovative commitment to the environment.


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