Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds come in wood and aluminium with choices of colour and slat size still an extremely popular choice with full control of your privacy and light. Can also be in the style of perfect fit.

In the home aluminium venetian blinds are used in all rooms in the house,  you will see why metal blinds may be preferred to wooden blinds from a maintenance point of view. They are very often used as an effective and functional window covering in the bathroom. Aluminium slats are non-porous and corrosion resistant so are suitable for use in high humidity environments and areas where they can be splashed or subject to high levels of condensation. In addition to this aluminium blinds are ideal for the bathroom since, as well as providing privacy at night, they can provide privacy in the daytime without requiring the need for artificial light. In a house where wooden venetian blinds have been used throughout, aluminium window blinds with slats in a wood effect can be used in the bathroom and other areas where wooden blinds would not be suitable.

Wooden blinds give a stylish and warm appearance to any room in the house. Nowadays there are many colours and stains to choose from,  with white wooden venetian blinds being very popular, as well as a multitude of finishing options for ladder braids, chords, tapes and acorns. Blinds with wide slats are also all the rage at the moment. Wooden blinds can be used in most rooms in the house however in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom that can have high humidity or condensation or where a blind could be subject to splashes or stains, care should be taken to make sure that the blind chosen is suitable for this type of environment. In these situations most blind manufacturers will recommend a faux wood venetian blind to be used as they tend to perform better than natural woods, which can often absorb water and warp when drying.

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