Roller Blinds

Classic roller blinds are still very popular with the bigger bolder patterned fabrics or plain , a very popular choice is the screen fabric where you do not lose your view but gain privacy. Can also be in the style of Perfect fit, tensioned or side guide wires that will help the blinds not blow in the wind.

Roller blinds are durable, long-lasting and practical, making them a good fit for many window treatments. Whether you want to keep them simple or create a decorative statement, the right roller blind for your home is just a shopping trip away.

In general, most roller blinds are made out of a stiff material. However there are a variety of different looks available depending on your style preference. Choose simple, all white blinds for a basic look, or find blinds with an interesting textural or graphic element. If you’re looking to block maximum sunlight, consider blackout roller blinds. These durable shades are made of a tightly woven fabric that will block all light, making them ideal for bedrooms.

Inside mount and outside mount represent the two ways you can hang your roller blinds, which is essentially an aesthetic preference. Inside mount roller blinds sit within the recessed window frame so that the shades are flush with the wall, while outside mount blinds are hung outside of the frame on the wall and cover a larger area. If you’re considering inside mount roller blinds, be sure your window is recessed at least 3 inches to make room for the mechanism needed to operate the blinds. You choose in your own home we come to you.

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