All of our Flyscreens manufactured by Zanzar or ourselves, the product carries a 2 year guarantee. The Aluminium is available in several colours as well as special coatings like wood finish or painted to match any RAL colour. (at extra cost)

Plisse Screens

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Our plisse screen is our best seller for doors and is our flagship model, The plisse can cover any type of door single , French door  or patio door we even close of balconies and terraces with them. A easy to use concertina  screen that retracts easily in seconds. With no floor profile makes it wheelchair friendly.

Gioconda Screens

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The Gioconda is our other type of concertina screen. It can operate vertically or horizontally and can be used on Windows and doors alike. Retracting at a moments notice.

Jumbo Screens

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We have retractable roller screens that can be used mainly vertically but also a possibility of horizontal , we as standard install our roller screens with a braking system to stop the operation of the roller being too fierce on retraction.

Flexi Screens

Fly Screen EnclosureDSC00126

The flexi screen is the roller version of  the plisse not quite as robust especially in windy areas but a nice smooth horizontal door screen.

Fixed Screens

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One of the most popular models can be used on windows that ideally do not have shutters or security grills. They are a fixed aluminium screen usually attached with the magnetic fixing method so easy to remove when not required.

Sliding Screens


The sliding screens are usually used on sliding  patio doors to cover one half of the opening , easy to slide system with a rubber edge seal to stop the insects.





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