Markilux – Germany

Those who demand products of the highest quality and in the most elegant of designs will not want to miss these criteria in their awning. An awning forms part of the façade of a building and consequently plays a part in determining the overall impression that both leave. In the best case it integrates itself into the design concept that the architect is trying to achieve and reflects stylistic elements of the architecture or discreetly emphasizes them. The desire to bring time and again something new, of great value and visually appealing design to the market is a markilux brand strategy that works.

Novelty – Spain

This is our high quality budget range for those that still require quality but are restricted by the price.  Manufactured in Spain this Novelty Awning  still carries our 2 year guarantee, it is available in various colours  designs and fabrics ask to see the full range in your home.

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